Bands Worth Watching

Small Reactions

Disclaimer: Small Reactions is 4/5 of Gold-Bears. They came to be 4/5 of Gold-Bears because they were (and still are) my favorite band in Atlanta. They play sometimes angular, sometimes krauty indie rock. They sound like if Television were covering Stereolab and are just about as exciting as that sounds.

Places To Hide

Places To Hide are a ’90s indie rock-style band that sounds like they’re straight out of Chapel Hill. What makes them special is their honest lyrics, their boy-girl vocal interplay, and their DIY ethics. These dudes are onto something big.


I was blown away by this band when I happened upon one of their live shows. These guys make me as excited about music as I was when I was discovering bands like Unwound and Karp. I have no idea why these guys aren’t huge.

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