In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week, Jeremy Underwood of Gold-Bears gives us the scoop on Atlanta, GA. The band’s debut LP, Dalliance, is out June 3 via Slumberland.

Atlanta has always been known as a hotbed of sweaty garage rock and crashing punk rock. Atlanta is a big city, for sure, but the benefit of Atlanta is its small town feel. Everyone knows everyone, no one is pretentious, and best of all, everyone is supportive of what everyone else is doing. As a band in Atlanta you can’t help but feel like an underdog, and that makes you want to work that much harder to be recognized outside of your hometown.

Recently, Atlanta has opened up in terms of bands that have reached past our borders. There’s the obvious bands like Black Lips and Coathangers that are carrying the punk rock torch, but other bands atypical of the “Atlanta sound” are finally getting recognition. There’s a growing post-punk/post-industrial scene (bands like Featureless Ghost, TWINS, and the DKA label) a brimming dream-pop scene carried by the ever wonderful Mood Rings (Mexican Summer), and new DIY bands are popping up with a ‘90s indie rock influence like Places To Hide and Small Reactions.

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