Venues Of Note


The Zoo Zhop

Photo via Zoo Zhop Facebook page

Dancin’ Dave runs one of the raddest record stores in Vancouver, and also puts on amazing shows at night. It’s the only venue where you can consistently see the best underground bands and feel completely comfortable spitting beer and crowd surfing if that is your thing. The Zoo Zhop is always good vibes.

The Fox Club

After The Arrival Agency got The Waldorf taken away from them by condo developers, they did the ballsiest thing that anybody could have done. They began transforming North America’s gnarliest porno theatre into a world class venue. The photographs of the black light demolition aside, the Fox Club is poised to be one of Vancouver’s top venues.

China Cloud

Photo via China Cloud’s Facebook page

A triple threat of awesomely curated art gallery, beautiful recording studio, and occasional live venue, China Cloud is a beautiful place for music (and the best alternative comedy). It’s rare that they put on shows, so if one is happening and you’re in the city definitely check it out.

Post-Show Hangs


Six Acres

Photo vai Six Acres Cafe Facebook page

The best beer and absinthe selection in Vancouver. Good cheap food. Beautiful brick walls, right outside of the beloved ‘Gassy Jack’ statue. I’ve spent far too many nights in the throws of good music and beer here. George Carlin tapes playing in the bathrooms. Good vibes. Order the Negroni.

The Narrow

If there ever was a bar in Vancouver that was true to any prohibition roots, I feel like it’d be The Narrow. Enter through the tiny side door, go down the stairs and you will find a dimly lit bar that every night of the week is packed with people looking to get right drunk. Not really a first date vibe. It’s run by our friend Rachel Zottenberg who also runs the best patio in town (with mini golf and flamingos), The Rumpus Room.

The Legion On Main St.

75% old navy and army dudes that appreciate the fact that they can afford a handful of drinks for a reasonable amount of money. For most people having a handful of drinks just isn’t affordable in Vancouver. It’s nice being in the company of people that understand that having drinks with your buddies is an important part of your retirement. Steve lives a few doors down, so you might see him in the corner… crying.