Bands Worth Watching


Sleepy Tom

Cam Tatham aka Sleepy Tom is a DJ and remixer. He recently signed to Fool’s Gold records and has done multiple remixes for us. We recently caught him spinning records live.. blown away. So great.


Humans are an all analog drum and keyboard duo making dance music and generally slaying every audience they find in front of them. I’ve gotten to see them live numerous times this year and am always impressed with their reinterpretations of their own music. A different show every time I see ‘em.

No Sinner

If Lemmy’s mole was a hot chick who could sing like Etta James, you’d have something close to No Sinner. A favorite band of blues and R&B from Vancouver. I co-wrote a bunch of their early stuff and seeing the way they translate it live is thrilling.

James Younger

James Younger is putting out good time rock and roll in the vain of Thin Lizzy and Steely Dan with a little bit of modern Spoon and Strokes sprinkled on top. He has a sick band, as well as one of the best record collections in the city. He turned me onto Haircut 100, which was a game changing experience recently. As a side note, I played a bunch of bass on his album and Steve produced and mixed it. Sounds hi-fi and lo-fi at the same time.

The Zolas

You’ve probably already heard of The Zolas by now. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out. They are constantly on tour, so check them out when they come to your city.

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