Venues Of Note


Rouge Bar

Photo via Rouge Bar's site

A place where you could dive into the red sofas while listening to a super musical selection while drinking a dry martini and you would never loose your status! If you love good music, Rouge Bar is a must! Electronica, jazz, downtempo, ambient, pop, occasional live shows and always with vinyl essence.


Niu is something like the home of all the real underground electronica in town. Art gallery, venue, cultural space, meeting point, etc. This polyvalent centre, located at one of the most underground and creative neighborhoods of Barcelona (Poblenou), brings out the most interesting people here. It’s always a pleasure to play.


Pennywise, Sala Apolo

Photo by Alterna2

It may be one of the mainstreams of the city, but it’s also one of the best. Good sound, good programming, club, concert hall–it is the place where you have to go to see most of the foreign artists who come to the city. The DJ sessions are mythic. Definitively a venue with history.

Post-Show Hangs

It is quite difficult to find post-show food/ drink. It depends on if you go out clubbing or you go to just a night concert. If clubbing is your choice, maybe you have to wait till 8 a.m. in order to find some decent open bar and go for a sandwich. If you go to a concert it is possible to find food till midnight and drinks till 2 a.m. in a bar.