Bands Worth Watching


Life Is Cool

This band is a serious party band. Kind of Bryan Ferry-ish and Talking Heads-ish but dancier, funkier and smokier. They know how to get a crowd moving.

Universe Contest

It’s not every day you see a local band and say “That’s my new favorite band.” That’s exactly what I said the first time I saw Universe Contest. They’re loud, raw, and kind of disgusting (but in the sort of way that you like it).


They describe themselves as avant-blues, and that’s probably about right. They’ve pushed the envelope in the Lincoln scene since they started about five years ago and their new album, The Trusted Language, continues to do that. Check it out here.

Touch People

Solo project from Darren Keen (formerly The Show Is The Rainbow). It’s the kind of project that sounds like it’s written solely for his own enjoyment, and it’s actually ends up being really fun to listen to. It’s busy, bassy, kind of dancy and has some brilliant moments.

Bus Gas

Droned out, New Age guitar noise/music: beautiful, haunting, psychedelic, and obsessively crafted. I read a review that described them not as slow-core, but as the slowest core. I agree with that.

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