Venues Of Note

Venues in Stockholm is a complicated matter. We’ve really been lacking good stages for a while. Too many rules and regulations are part of the reason, I think. I like a good black club better than anything else, but here are some venues that I kind of like:


Photo via Facebook

The legendary theatre where Ingmar Bergman (among many other great people) made his mark. It’s such a beautiful stage, and because of the whole aura and atmosphere of the building, you feel like there is some extra magic added in every performance.


Photo via Kägelbanan’s site

Very classic-looking venue, but I kind of like the size of it—not too small and not too big. On a good summer’s night, you can spend the hours before or after a show on the nice veranda overlooking a beautiful view of Stockholm.


Photo via Strand’s site

Looks and feels very much like a youth club, but here you can catch a lot of good bookings. The sound isn’t perfect, but if the vibe’s right it’s not too bad a place to hang out.

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