Post-Show Hangs


Big Hands

Photo via Big Hands’ Facebook

Post-gig hangouts don’t get more legendary than this place. Nestled between a kebab boutique and a flower shop and behind the four Academy music venues, it makes the perfect stomping ground for any band coming through town that night. (Allegedly) owned partly by Elbow, you’ll find a few local heroes hanging about quite nonchalantly sipping on an array of German beers. My favourite memories here include walking into the (very) pokey toilets to find Damon Albarn and Guy Garvey sharing a joke over a piss, and the time the Little Ones (a long time ago) got kicked out for doing something they shouldn’t have been doing and waved everyone off on their way out. They were so happy.

Night And Day Cafe

A surprising choice, but after there’s ever been a gig here and the sweat of the crowd has cleared, the atmosphere is so chilled and relaxed it gives you little choice but to prop up the bar with a Jesus Juice (brandy and amaretto over ice) in hand. Usually open till late at the weekends, it can be the perfect quiet spot in an otherwise hectic night.

The Seven Oaks

Photo via the Seven Oaks’ site

Another legendary all-night pub in the middle of Chinatown. If you’re lucky enough to stay at a lock-in (usually reserved for various bar staff around town), you can find yourself ordering Guinness and Monster Munch till 10 a.m. most nights. With a chipped arcade machine that lets you play as much Super Mario as you like, it’s a deadly combination.