Bands Worth Watching


Easily the heaviest metal band I’ve ever watched. I get chills when they play. Their combination of doom, sludge and black metal is heartwarming and awesome. Bryan Funck, their vocalist, does a great job of promoting shows and giving good bands a chance to play. Their website is actually a show list of what’s going on in the city, with no other social media except Instagram.

Native America

Ya like the Beach Boys mixed with Deerhunter (Microcastles era)? Then you’ll love Native America. They are a three piece who absolutely rip. They bring the grooves that will make you and your moms hips swing. Amazing dudes as well. Their singer Ross recorded our first record. They’re all really great.


The almighty Caddywhompus are a two-piece band that expresses pop sensibilities as well as an experimental chaotic nature. We split a practice time with them once when we were first starting off. We sounded awful but they started playing and we were all immediately blown away. This band’s new record will blow minds and pop off like powww.


Ya like The Strokes and FIDLAR? Then you’re going to love this band. It’s garage rock with a way more fun and less pretentious connotation. They are also the nicest people in the world. Even though they are a newer band, I’ve never seen any band rile up a group of young Democrats, frat boys and punks alike the way they do. If you ever see this band when you’re down in NOLA, please just keep chanting “JERRY!” throughout their set. Also ask them if their drums are rentals. You’ll immediately be homies with them.

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