Venues Of Note


Photo by Hans Thijs

A lot of venues in our country have disappeared throughout the last decade and moved to a new location. All of those now locations lack rock ‘n’ roll. The smell of piss and dried-up beer is crucial for a good venue. Doornroosje in our hometown Nijmegen still has it and is renowned for it. It also has the best booker in the country, so you can see huge acts in a small room.


Photo via Schiller's website

An old-school bar in the Backcorner of the Netherlands. It’s in the village of Aalten, where our guitarist lives. It’s typically Backcorner: very much blues oriented and a lot of drinking—I mean a lot of drinking.


Photo via Paradiso's website

The Mecca of Dutch venues. An old church, rebuilt for music purposes. It’s the place where all the big bands play. A lot of legendary shows have taken place here. A must-see for music lovers.

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