Bands Worth Watching

Shaking Godspeed

I used to live with the singer of this band. He’s filthy, strange and psychedelic, just like his music. Shaking Godspeed is originally from a rural part of the Netherlands, a place we call the “Backcorner.” Check out the video and see the group’s roots.

The Black Atlantic

I am always jealous when I see these guys live. Their music is very melancholic, and it’s a treat to see how dynamic they can play. Every note is played with the utmost delicacy.

Kyteman’s Hip Hop Orchestra

This guy was a big hit when his first record, Hermit Sessions, came out. It came out around the same time as ours, so we saw him a lot in the festival season. Kyteman is one of a kind, a dreamer. He made the record by himself but surrounded himself with a huge hip-hop orchestra that he conducted. Especially when they had the balls to jam with a 12-piece orchestra, it was very cool to see.

Alamo Race Track

One of the best indie bands we know. Live they’re always exciting, with a sometimes strange but very charming frontman. But Alamo Race Track’s records are very well crafted and a joy to listen to. The group also played CMJ this year.

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