Venues Of Note

There used to be a whole load of alternative venues in Geneva and its surrounding towns with amazing nights of all kinds but since the whole of Europe went right wing a few years back politics around the country closed most of them down across the whole country. One of the only survivors today is the Usine with various rooms, cinema, bars, etc.

Le Chat Noir (via Facebook)

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir is a smaller venue and gives a very “family” kind of atmosphere with gigs in all kinds of genres. It also serves food.

Le Palladium

Le Palladium is a versatile venue that belong to the city of Geneva and that has seen all the biggest names in hip hop, reggae, funk, rock, and you name it kind of music. It has an underground vibe with amazing shows. It doesn’t have a website of its own since it’s rented out to promoters by the city council.


L’Arena is the stadium like venue that welcomes the world superstars.

Post-Show Hangs

Most venues and promoters do their own after parties with DJs at the actual venue or at a place announced at the show. And if not the post-show hang out is very genre specific and changes often so it would be difficult to list this here… The best is to rock up at the gig and hang out with the punters after the show to find out where the after parties are happening! Also most venues have cafes and bars around them where you can warm up before the show and cool down after it if it’s not too late. Here are a few I like…

Cafe Cuba (via Facebook)

Le Moloko (Usine de Genève)

A great place to meet people from the alternative cultures of Switzerland and the world. Come and exchange (r)evolutionary ideas and philosophies!

Café Cuba

For those warm Latino style evenings! Filled with tropical beats and grooves of all kinds.

Les Brasseurs

If you like to drink those in house made brews this is the place to visit… It can get noisy!