Post-Show Hangs


Photo via BAR

Yes, it’s also a venue, but even if I’m at a show elsewhere, I’m happy to stop by for a beer or two. The food is amazing—arguably some of the best pizza I’ve ever had—and the beer is brewed in house so it’s always fresh and delicious. When I have bands from out of town in the studio, we almost always end up at BAR at least once or twice. I highly recommend the AmBAR ale and mashed potato pizza.

The Outer Space

Photo via The Outer Space

The Outer Space probably has the best beer selection in Connecticut, and the prices are remarkably reasonable. They are always rotating beers in and out, so I’m usually trying whatever the knowledgeable bartender recommends. It’s a small room, but there’s also an outside patio area, and usually there is live music too, so it’s a great post-show spot to chill at.