Venues Of Note



Photo via Hipnoza’s site

The mother of all clubs in Silesia. It may be risky to say that everything started there, but for club culture we can perhaps do so. From every kind of electronic, techno, break, dub events and concerts till the emerging Nowa Muzyka festival—they organize the lot. It is impossible to name all of the artists they invited to play in Katowice. It’s easier to just say they had everyone here (almost). And don’t be fooled too much with the “jazz” in Hipnoza’s Web address. Also good for late-night, delicious food.

CSW Kronika (Bytom)

This is a contemporary art center, with very serious exhibitions, but for me most important is their social program of workshops and discussion panels. They involve all of the city, very often the poor, unemployed, forgotten. They really work to make this city a better place. And of course they organize very unique concerts and shows as well. Plus a great bookstore!

Rondo Sztuki

Unusual architecture right in the middle of the town of Katowice. Exhibitions, art, culture and many shows and parties.

Zamek Cieszyn

Photo via Zamek Cieszyn’s site

Place where contemporary design and art meet with many exhibitions, events, workshops. They are pioneers of new design in Silesia and the whole of Poland, with the exceptional Silesian Icon contest and award. And it is located on a beautiful hill in the old city of Cieszyn with views on both the Polish and Czech sides. What is really unusual, in the park near Zamek stands one of the oldest, ancient Polish buildings, famous Rotunda, depicted on the 20złoty bill!

Europejska Stolica Młodzieży

This is not a venue but a special series of events in various spots of the whole region. The title translates as European Capital Of Youth. This year’s most notable event was the Street Art Festival, second edition, and it literally changed the city with new murals, paintings, installations—some of them will remain here forever.

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