Bands Worth Watching

Asi Mina (Katowice)

Asia Bronisławska, aka Asi Mina, is famous for her work with kids. Numerous workshops, special events, shows together with children—all is her specialty. Besides that she plays “adult” songs as well, with full acoustic or full electronic setup, depending on the situation and project. Her 2011 album, Wybiegły!/Ran Out!, recorded with a huge brass/woodwinds orchestra of kids, was loudly applauded.

Lugozi (Cieszyn)

Known from projects like KsZ and Iron Noir but also as the curator of fine Szara Gallery and chief of the A/V Foundation, organizer of many workshops, lectures, animator of the scene in bi-national and beautiful Cieszyn, right on the Polish/Czech border. Lugozi is his first solo effort, from electro to pop, from dark wave to sunny synths.

I LOVE 69 POPGEJU (Cieszyn, Czech Part)

Very particular duo, coming from Ostrava in Czech Republic. Jakub Adamec lived for some years in Poland but is now back again in Cieszyn. Pavel Pernicky is still on the Czech side somewhere in the woods. They connect with a very unusual use of old keyboards with presets changing all the time, and everything is played live plus some simple effects with punky vocals and very bizarre dances, some masculine striptease involved even! If one band can be called really independent and deeply underground, this would be my choice. Jakub is releasing his very first solo album very soon.

Drekoty (Katowice)

Trio of girls. Ola Rzepka is the leader. She is one of the best Polish drummers ever! Played with many bands, usually of indie/underground kind. Drekoty is the first band completely under her helm. They play something between riot grlllllzzzz with more poetic senses and post-punk with a heavy dose of old-school synths. Just plain songs but played with humor, power and skill. After first EP, Trafostacja, they are now in the studio working on a new album.

Aukso Orchestra (Tychy)

Probably the best chamber orchestra around. Playing literally everything from classical stuff to contemporary and underground. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that they played even with likes of Aphex Twin and Prefuse 73. This year they released an album with Krzysztof Penderecki and Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) on Nonesuch, with some prestigious concerts following. This Orchestra is definitely the musical pride of our region.

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