Bands To Watch

Sleepy Eye Giant

Indie pop-rock quartet. They transition between hypnotic, anthemic guitar ballads to dance-y, groovy synth-pop. Staples of Charleston’s independent scene, and they’ve been hitting the road a bit regionally. Been close friends with these guys for years. They’ve helped me through some tough times.

Royal Tinfoil

Not so much an indie rock band as they are roots-y, bluesy, whiskey-infused, foot-stomping folk/country. They have been paying their dues on the road, and Mackie is one of the best guitar players in town. Huge personalities and sense of humor. And lots of drinking.

Chris Thomas

Chris is one of the best songwriters in town, though he is very reclusive and rarely plays shows. He’s one of the few people who when he makes suggestions on what to do in a song I actually listen. He has volumes of material he’s done all at home, covering scores of genres. It would be difficult to accurately describe his style because he has so many. Co. is lucky to have had him be a part of the band, and we even used one of Chris’s songs on the new record.

Johnnie Matthews

Johnnie played bass for years in popular local band Sequoyah Prep School, who are good friends with Co. and have been super supportive through the years. Sequoyah is this Matchbox 20 kinda pop-rock band, so I was blown away when I first heard Johnnie’s dark, chilling, eery doom-folk. Johnnie’s voice is so unique and scary. I’m not sure who I could compare it to, maybe Roy Orbison or something, and he has an ear for huge, catchy, nasty hooks.

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