Venues Of Note



Heaven is a small-ish venue under the railway arches near Embankment station. After most shows it turns into a gay nightclub, which sure enough happened after we played there a few months ago. It was a riot. I was shocked and terrified but overjoyed by some of the attendees (huge body-builder trannys, etc.). However, I have seen some really great shows there, and the sound is tremendous.


Photo by Peter Sigrist

KOKO was originally a theatre and has all these high-up tiers and little nooks around the stage. Charlie Chaplin used to perform there. It’s an absolutely classic venue; the Rolling Stones recorded the Camden Theatre 1964 album there. I’ve seen a fair few brilliant shows there, and I’m rather excited to be playing KOKO this month.

Brixton Academy

Photo by iamtheo

This is probably the most prestigious and classic venue in London. I think I’ve seen more shows there than any other venue. It’s the perfect size—you can see from anywhere—and the sound is really great. We were lucky enough to share the stage here with the Streets back in April this year. Good times had by all.
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