Bands Worth Watching



I’ve been particularly into Tribes and its We Were Children EP and the single, “Sappho.” They kinda remind me of the Pixies or Nirvana. Dirty, heavy rock ‘n’ roll with smart words to boot. They were a highlight for me at Reading And Leeds this year among other festivals. Plus the drummer is a dish.


Yuck is one of my latest faves. Another band harking back to ’90s stoner rock. They remind me of Weezer in the Blue Album/Pinkerton era. I think they made their record in various friends’ bedrooms/living rooms, which is dead cool too. Lovely.


I’m quite fond of the Horrors’ new record, Skying. It’s got a cool baggy vibe and in places reminds me of Screamadelica and parts of the Stone Roses. I’d not payed much attention to the Horrors before this record, but it made me go back and have a butcher’s at their old stuff … they’ve changed, maaan. But that’s all good. Bitchin’ to say the least.
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