Venues Of Note


Doug Fir

Photo by eyeliam

Doug Fir is the best 21+ venue in Portland. The interior woodwork is incredible, and the stage has great backlighting and really good sound. It is also great for touring bands, as the Jupiter Hotel is attached to the venue, so no one has to worry about places to stay. There are fire pits on the patio, and the food is great too. It just has a really good vibe.

Crystal Ballroom

Photo by Incase

I love the Crystal Ballroom. It’s one of the first places I saw any really good shows at when I was younger. It opened in 1914 for ballroom dancing and became a rock venue in the ’60s. There are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and the checkered floor is actually on springs. It creates a floating effect to a certain extent. A classy joint, to say the least.

Mississippi Studios

Photo taken from Mississippi Studios' website

Mississippi Studios is one of the nicer small venues in Portland. It has low lighting and is a very intimate room to see a show in. The Mississippi District is a really cool area to hang out in. A lot of vintage clothing stores and good food in the area.
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