Bands Worth Watching

Red Fang

Red Fang is probably the heaviest band in Portland that still values songwriting. The band has some brutal riffs and badass solos and is incredible live. I have only seen these guys a couple of times, but I always recommend them to people. Also, their music video for “Prehistoric Dog” is hilarious.


Typhoon is a 12-piece band that utilizes string, horns and a lot of percussion. This group often channels Arcade Fire or Thee Silver Mt. Zion due to its epic builds—getting really loud and then breaking it back down to just an acoustic. Great gang vocals and harmonies as well. I really like this band.

The Builders And The Butchers

These guys put on a great live show. They get the crowd involved, and everybody seems to be having a good time. They pass out percussion pieces, and all of their choruses have a hook that everyone can sing along to by the end of the song. Banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar and heavy beats.

Hello Electric

Hello Electric is aggressive and balls to the wall. A lot of progressive riffs and proper use of synths and sequencers. It is really interesting yet still a rock band. It is often difficult to find that uniqueness in a loud band. They just kind of rock.

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