Venues Of Note


The Mansion

Mildewy palace of the South. The best place for shows in town. It has its share of classic gatherings (Nat Baldwin and Sebadoh are two recent acts that stopped by). The cops are going to come at some point and tell you to stop, but you get used to that. During the summer you end up leaving covered in your sweat, and in the winter you stay warm and cozy. The living room acoustics are full-bodied, aided by a large ceiling and wood floors. It’s a lovely concert hall.

The Farside

A not-for-profit DIY venue that is run by a collective of dedicated musicians, this space has become the de facto show spot in town. They give touring bands a heaping cut from the door and keep just enough to stay alive. This spot is definitely one of the most unique and best things of Tallahassee. All ages, all genres, anyone’s welcome to play music here or watch music here.

Club Downunder

Photo by Maximo Santana

Florida State University finances this club, which has been around for 20+ years. They usually get the larger national touring acts through here, and if the local promoter is on his/her game they usually integrate local bands as opening acts for these groups. This club is kinda the step up for bands around here. You know, you get dressings rooms and shit. Also, you sound check … these are rare and unique things that we don’t often experience. But the sound can be a nightmare, and the shows are free for students, who, if they don’t care about your band, they’ll let you know it.

Post-Show Hangs

Being the small, Southern town it is, Tallahassee lacks greatly in the post-show hang department. Depending on the night, you might want to go get a drink. If you were just at the Farside, you’ll walk a minute up to St. Mikes, the local bar, the pool bar, the leave-covered-in-smoke bar. If you want to get something to eat, you have one really good option, late at night: Whataburger. That’s all I’ll say on that.