Venues Of Note


The Trinity Lounge

Photo via Trinity Lounge's Facebook

This used to be a strip club run by a dancer named Cherry Champaign. It’s now run by Irish gypsies. This place is awesome for so many reasons. They serve Cheezies out of coffee filters, and there are only two beers on the menu: cold Bohemian and warm Bohemian.

The Story

This is a Christian church run by some great young people. Timber Timbre played here a few months ago with the Brothers Pus. The place was filled with couches for seating, they had made some chili and were selling bottles of Schneider-Weisse for like five bucks.


They have always been very supportive of our band. They gave us a weekly gig when we were first starting out and paid us even though we were really, really bad. It is right across the street from the college and beside the movie theater, so you get a lot of random people who would not likely be out to see your band, but they got enough beers on tap to put anyone in the party mood.

Post-Show Hangs


Giresi’s Pizza

Photo via Giresi's Facebook

Well, this is usually a VIP entrance only since the shop closes at midnight. After the shows we usually hit the pizzeria and load one up. When you call for a pie and you get put on hold, you will usually be listening to new Chocolate Robots tracks.

Any Beach

There really are not any diners or late-night hangouts. So if someone is not having an after-party, we hit the beach, eat some pizza and go for a swim.