Bands To Watch


The Brothers Pus

These guys almost eat as much pizza as us. True DIY right down to making their own instruments. Imagine Harmony Korine with the soul of Mother Teresa; that’s what their music sounds like to me. They are the Jimi Hendrixes of sampled sounds!

Marinol Nation

A year back I was at the pub for an open mic night, and this guy started singing this song. This is what it would sound like if Daniel Johnston listened to the Rolling Stones instead of the Beatles.

Ellen Bolthe

These guys open the majority of “indie rock” shows that come through Sarnia. They were releasing tapes locally before it was this vogue format. They play fast and loud, and as far as I know all their songs have no names; they are just assigned numbers.

When Systems Collide

I would say they have more of a mainstream sound than most bands in the local scene, which can be very refreshing. I really like the guys in this band and what they do.

Greggy Clypse

These guys are great. They actually both worked at the pizza shop with us. They make pretty big-sounding music out of their bedroom.
Without Love by Greggy Clypse

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