Post-Show Hangs


Mutahiro (Kokubunji)

My first choice is a local ramen soup shop. There are ramen shops littered all over Tokyo, but this one is something different and is always great. Most ramen in Tokyo is pork ramen soup, but this one’s specialty is fish soup, called Niboshi soup. Unique and really special.

Hakata Tenjin (Shibuya)

Next is a pork ramen soup shop, and this is about as basic and cheap as can be found. Cheap and basic, but just purely great, original Tokyo ramen soup. Hands down excellent.

Caravan Sarai (Higashi Nakano)

Photo via Caravan Sarai’s site

Maybe you wouldn’t expect to find a Japanese-Afghanistan restaurant in Tokyo, but this place is a good one, right next to the train station. It’s a favorite place for musicians after shows, since it’s at a nice midpoint between central and west Tokyo. That, and it’s open late, has great drinks (Mexican beer, which is a rarity in Tokyo), pizza, roasted vegetables…