Post-Show Hangs


97 Estoria

Flickr photo by Katjusa Cisar

This place is the perfect post-show hang. The food isn’t too bad, the atmosphere is eclectic enough, it stays open rather late (’til 3 a.m., Monday-Friday), and it’s tucked right in the historic Cabbagetown neighborhood.

Clermont Lounge

Flickr photo via Doctor Jimi Glide

Although this spot is traditionally a pretty eccentric club for adult entertainment, it also doubles as a venue for rock bands and triples as a local disco. It gets pretty crazy in this place. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

MJQ Concourse

Photo via Yelp

If you are looking to dance until your legs ache and your heart is pounding, then this place shall rarely disappoint. It has multiple rooms where you can hear music from a variety of genres. Pick your poison. It’s open really late!