Venues Of Note


Vera (Groningen)

Photo via Vera’s site

Vera is legendary club for underground pop culture. It used to be a student fraternity, but nowadays it’s an exciting venue to see the big names of tomorrow. Bands like U2, Sonic Youth, Nirvana and the White Stripes played Vera in their early years. Bands such as the Fall, the Sound, Birthday Party (and later Nick Cave solo), the Butthole Surfers and Sisters Of Mercy played their too. Many of these bands later, when they were actually too big for a small venue like Vera, returned to the Groningen rock club. The club also has a famous art division that makes silkscreen posters for every event or show.

Paradiso (Amsterdam)

Photo via Paradiso’s site

Paradiso is the most famous club in the Netherlands. Known for their great location (center Amsterdam), the great names that play and played there over the years, and of course the looks and atmosphere of the main hall that used to be an old church. The small hall upstairs is the place to enjoy intimate and often magical concerts. Up-and-coming talent plays here, often as their first step before making it big.

Ekko (Utrecht)

Photo via Ekko’s Facebook

The fine city of Utrecht has some great venues like Tivoli. Ekko is a small one, a club that brings new names to town. It has a great atmosphere, and it’s always a place to discover new Dutch and international artists. Bands like Grizzly Bear, Patrick Watson and Franz Ferdinand started off their European adventures on the Ekko stage.

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