Post-Show Hangs


Lucy’s Eastside Diner

Photo via Lucy's site

This place is open 24 hours and is right at the heart of the city at Main and 10th. While you can’t get booze after 1 a.m., I’d recommend a chocolate milkshake and the meatloaf sandwich.

The Naam

Photo via Naam's site

Love it or hate it, this 24-hour vegetarian restaurant has classically poor service and occasionally mediocre food, but it is open late and is situated close to the beach in Kits. I’d recommend only getting one thing: the jumbo tofu hotdog platter, which has an awesome salad, sesame-coated fries with miso gravy and a jumbo tofu dog, surrounded by loads of cheese and grilled in a chapati bun served with vegan mayo, mustard and sprouts. Delicious!

Accord Seafood

This is just a Chinese food place by my house, which is nothing special, except that it’s open till 4 a.m. and it serves “cold tea” until closing time. So you can get teapots full of icy cold beer till 4 a.m. when everywhere else stops serving at 2 a.m. I’d recommend the salt and pepper shrimp and chicken and corn chowder. Sometimes there are groups of Asian gangsters in there smoking cigarettes too so don’t be too obnoxious!