Bands Worth Watching


Flamingods are Beaty Heart’s besties. We mention each other in interviews, and we like to go round and play with each other. They are on the cusp of releasing a second LP called Ancient Rhythms, and when the lead singer Kamal is allowed back into the country, they will be touring around here too. They make bombastic, percussive music, and their gigs often feature dancers, costumes and vibes.

Fat White Family

If you hang out in Peckham you will see these guys everywhere, they are kind of an institution here, having played in various incarnations of their current form over the last five years. Their most recent video features a guy flailing his balls back and forth in slow motion, which might be a metaphor suggesting they make balls-to-the-wall rock music, which is still a metaphor, but one which they literally do. They get naked at nearly every show and have spent a large portion of their trust funds on ket.

La Shark

La Shark are the perennial South London underdogs. Down here they are a huge deal, but don’t seem to get enough love anywhere else. They should be massive, but they’re not, and nobody really knows why because they have been awesome since forever. For a lot of people we know, La Shark’s songs are anthems, everybody knows the words, and going to a La Shark gig has now almost become a nostalgic thing, which I’m sure they would absolutely hate, but it doesn’t matter because it means they will always be remembered no matter what they get up to next.

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