Venues Of Note


‘t Oude Pothuys

‘t Oude Pothuys is a well-known hangout for local musicians. They offer live music seven days a week, ranging from acoustic singer-songwriter to funk/soul to free jazz. In the last few years, more attention is being paid to experimental electronic music, which enabled me to do my CD presentation there.


Another interesting spot is Ekko, a stage for alternative music. Next to pop music, they also cover electronic dance music.


Photo via ACU’s site

A real underground spot is ACU, which is run by volunteers. There is a lot of space for electronic dance music, and art house movies are shown also.


Photo via dB’s Facebook

dB’s, which is more outside the city, seems to be a major spot for hard rock and metal, but its focus has shifted lately towards other styles. I like the informal atmosphere.


Photo by Juri Hiensch

Tivoli is one of the major pop stages in the Netherlands. It has two departments: Oudegracht at the centre and De Helling, which is a bit off the centre. Both departments offer a big range of music, but I believe De Helling is more alternative.

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