Bands Worth Watching

Peter Tiehuis

Once in a month on a Wednesday, Peter Tiehuis brings an amazing, challenging improvisation set at ‘t Oude Pothuys (see Venues Of Note). He always plays with different musicians—with no fear of electronics—exploring different styles. Sometimes I think they’re playing too loosely or freely, but they mostly have a nice vibe you have probably never heard before. It reminds me of the Gilles Peterson Worldwide show.

Jeff Taylor

With the same frequency, Jeff Taylor plays at the same club on a Sunday. Using sequenced patterns, his improvised music is a cross between classical piano and ambient music. This is one of the few ambient/chill-out acts Utrecht has.

Durk Attaturk

A band worth notice is Durk Attaturk. I would consider them as alternative electro. Their music is quite experimental, and they mix different styles.


Although he is originally from Amsterdam, Palmbomen is a very interesting one-man band. He makes beautiful electro with his own processed vocals.

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