Venues Of Note



Photo via Koncertsalen's site

This is a newly built concert hall in Copenhagen that houses a wide range of genres; from chamber music to alternative rock. The room is made solely of tree and was built to evolve the best acoustics possible. It’s a very special experience to listen to music at Koncerthuset, but unfortunately it tends to be quite expensive.

Roskilde Festival

Photo by Stig Nygaard

Not an actual venue, but instead the biggest festival in Northern Europe situated 20 minutes away from Copenhagen. This place has been an obligatory part of my summer for the past 10 years. We’ve visited a lot of festivals with the Alcoholic Faith Mission, but none seems to be as happy, free and full of love as Roskilde. Most European festivals pretty much share the same lineup (more or less of course), but Roskilde has the best audience for sure! Danes are beautiful by look, good at beer drinking and very loving when drunk. This makes a very good combination for a festival. This year the Cure, Bruce Springsteen and Bon Iver are among the bands playing.


LoppenLoppen is placed in the area in Copenhagen called Christiania and is without a doubt the best place in town to catch up-and-coming music. I’ve seen most of my favorite concerts at Loppen. It’s dodgy, dark and quite rundown, but the atmosphere is amazing. and you’ll always find new and interesting bands playing and in addition for very cheap money. Have a beer and a joint after the show at Christiania.


VegaProbably my favorite venue in Denmark. Vega is one of the biggest venues in Copenhagen and most likely where you’ll experience the best sound in town. The whole interior is made with old wooden panels and mahogany floors and represents the typical Danish architecture from the ’50s. I always dress up and wear lipstick when I go to concerts in Vega, just because it would seem wrong not to!

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