What’s in a name? For the guys in post-punk/dance-rock outfit Teleprompter, it’s “Desperation, two bottles of scotch and an Anchorman DVD.” The Brisbane band—which was recently tapped as a Triple J Unearthed artist—has already amassed a large following in Australia and is now looking to hook more listeners with its infectious mix of Foals-style math rock and dance pop à la Cut Copy.

Worldwide ambitions don’t have to mean being serious, however. Teleprompter eschews the self-aware arrogance that runs rampant in so many post-punk circles, instead infusing its sound with equally ample amounts of childlike whimsy and playful nerdiness; the group played the Parklife festival dressed up as Star Wars characters, and the video for the band’s most recent single, “Dinobot,” is a throwback to Power Rangers and—as you may have guessed from the title—dino-robot hybrids.

“A bit of nerdiness always seems to end up in our lyrics,” says guitarist Mitch Exton. “We’ve got songs inspired by Halo, Half-Life and bulk old-school literary references, but you wouldn’t really know unless you listened really carefully.”

The geeks have worked with a prince, too: Yama Indra from Damn Arms. The so-called “Prince Of Aussie Disco” produced the band’s latest self-titled EP—and according to Exton, the collaboration was a terrific one.

“Working with Yama Indra from Damn Arms was a blast,” Exton says. “He was definitely able to capture both sides of Teleprompter and translate it into a very cohesive EP. Damn Arms definitely has an influence on us, and we were thrilled when we found out we were able to work with him.”

So what’s next for Teleprompter? The band will take its dance rock to the East Coast this month, though the players are keeping mum about specifics. Exton describes Teleprompter’s live sets as “very energetic and full on,” which is easy to imagine since the band’s art-pop is already more hyperactive than a toddler with 50 Pixy Stix in his system. Check the band’s Facebook page for an unrolling of tour dates.