Palmz – Photo via Facebook

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

That new Saint Pepsi EP, Gin City, dropped this week, and it’s great. The buzz it’s been getting marks a really exciting time in Bandcamp land, especially for solo-teen, hot-colored vaporwave junk. But for this week’s Letters From Bandcamp, I gave the electronic faction a breather, instead culling together a group of vaguely rock-ish musicians. If you’re a die-hard synth-and-sample superfan, I’m sorry, but maybe you’ll come across something new to shimmy to. If not, just listen to Gin City on repeat until next week.

Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny is Stephen Cope. Stephen Cope is Officer Jenny. He comes from a land called Provo, UT where elements of goth and twee combine with indecipherable accents to form melancholic toddler-nightmare music.

Crotch Honey

Milwaukee band Crotch Honey not only have a great band name, but they’ve got a lot of ’90s-birthed anger, and they channel it into combat-boot-stomping mono-punk.

Young Hound

Young Hound is Colin Keating, an apocalyptic little chap who names his songs things like “End Times” and “We Are All Destroyers.” But there’s something about his gray-hued instrumentals that’ll make you feel like when the apocalypse does come, maybe it won’t be so bad.


Palmz is a really nice band. According to their Facebook, each member plays the “smiles.” But Lexie Corley Corfiatis also sings with breezy simplicity, Devin Eiring holds the beat down with muscle-propelled tics and tacs, and Dave Conner soaks his guitar and bass in grin-inducing rays of California sunshine.

Bad Girlfriend

This NYC foursome specialize in drawling harmonies, glitter-kissed tambourine shakes and pulsing guitar riffs. Bad girlfriend, good band?