Dead Katz – Photo via Facebook

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

As you probably know, today is Valentine’s Day. And no matter what you think of it—whether it’s your favorite gooey holiday, a soul-sucking corporate mirage or merely the day before lots of chocolate will go on sale at Rite-Aid—it’s a damn good reason for a love theme. So, that’s what I did. Some of these songs will be just right for your domesticated couple friends, some for your joke-telling, casual-sex-having sister, and some for your loner-stoner roommate. All of them though, will make anyone who listens feel a little bit better inside. It’s the sonic opposite of those chalky candy hearts.

Gordon Voidwell

Post-disco dork Gordon Voidwell will make you wanna slink around in patterned track suits and mime sex moves alone in your room. He’s already got a bit of a following, but today seems like a good day to remind you that if you’re not in that following, you should be. And with his new album, Bad Études, available for free on Bandcamp, you’ll wanna start looking for that tracksuit right away.

Amor Elefante

Amor Elefante is a Buenos Aires-based trio that will make you feel like you’re in the throes of a head-numbing crush, even if you’re not. I was practically giggling while listening to the sheer, uninhibited joy of their brass-infused twee-pop. Sure, the songs are in Spanish, so maybe they’re singing about really sad break-ups. But it sounds like true love to me.

Hannah Devine

This “almost cover” of the Beatles’ I Wanna Be Your Man is stretched out, slowed down, and practically whispered, which is pretty much what Hannah Devine does. Her hushed bedroom musings are the sonic version of identifying cloud animals with your lover right before a thunderstorm.


Rough, raw, and more conducive to slopping your sweaty body into other sweaty bodies than snugging, the music of Cozy hides its desire for companionship by sticking gum in your hair, snapping your bra strap, and poking you on the shoulder then looking away. But it still wants you. See the above for evidence.

Dead Katz

This one’s for anyone without plans tonight. Your plans now are to listen to the doubt-filtered mumblecore songs of whoever this kid is with a bag of beef jerky and Blue Velvet playing on silent in the background. You’re welcome.