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In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Wednesdays are sometimes rough, right? Mid-week slump and all that. That’s why my picks for today are all bright and wide-eyed, slightly crusty from last night’s sleep, but ready to take on the day with their weapons of future-funk freshness and casino-set diamond dog collar prance. Onward!


Sleepytimejesse, also know as s l e e p y t i m e, is the project of Youngstown, Ohio’s Jesse Martin. Some of his music is pulled from video games or made for video games, and that’s where the 16-bit pixelated chaos comes from.


Scammers is the work of Kansas City’s Phil Diamond, and if you haven’t listened to their album Cover You (which just saw a physical release for the first time on Field Hymns), now’s your chance. Diamond’s narcoleptic, mescaline croon has a self-flagellating element to it, while simultaneously sounding as if it’s been dipped in glitter glue.

Kid Trails

Andy Woodward and Patrick Jeffords (who happen to be the non-Chaz Bundick members of Toro Y Moi) just dropped this new joint—less floral than Toro Y Moi, but with the same kind of hamstring stretch cheeriness.

Yung Bae

Stratford CT affiliate and nu-disco maven Yung Bae is ripping and inflating instantly recognizable songs and turning them into the best stuff I’ve been listening to all week. About eight hours ago, he posted on Facebook, “HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON <3." So now we wait.

Tanukineiri Drink Sampler

Okay so technically this is a record label sampler and not the work of just one artist. But it’s fucking bonkers, full of fizz slaps and weird tongue-y spit slurps, which makes sense when you consider that every song on the comp is named after a drink.