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In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

The internet is a mysterious, wonderful place. The best part about the internet being a mysterious, wonderful place is that you can also be mysterious and wonderful while using it. A good number of the artists here work under the guise of secrecy: they use multiple pseudonyms, they cover their faces in photos, they eschew social media. But they’re still all making music on Bandcamp, and that’s what matters here—isn’t it?


Experimental, jazzy insect buzz fills from Mozambique.

Macintosh Plus

Ramona Andra Xavier is a surreptitious deep web figure who makes music under multiple pseudonyms like Vektroid, New Dreams Ltd., and Macintosh Plus. Her Floral Shoppe LP is out now via the net label Beer On The Rug.

Beech Coma

Okay, well technically Beech Coma isn’t a band. They’re a label/collective based out of Leeds. But this is their debut compilation that just dropped in April. Think of it as thirteen new lo-fi slacker shine bands to listen to.

Blood Cultures

This is a masked person from New Jersey who has only released three singles so far. I’m getting some Blood Orange vibes here and it’s not just the name—it’s the sudden shift from woozy to crisp and the layering of powdered sugar pop with tropical synth funk. Plus the name.


Bay Area-based friends use toy pianos and co-ed harmonies to solidify their place in the mystical pop wonderland that is California.