Snow Mantled Love – Photo via

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Hey, we’ve got a solid round-up this week. You’ve got a lot of listening to do. Don’t let me hold you back. 〜( ̄_ ̄〜)

The Bilinda Butchers

This SF, CA, trio isn’t quite as “unknown” as the artists usually are in this column, but they dropped a new album, Heaven, yesterday on Orchid Tapes, and I think you should listen to it.

Snow Mantled Love

A trio from London, Ontario (bet you didn’t see that one coming), who make music for you to hold hands to. Vocalist Danielle Fricke’s voice is equal parts comforting and unsettling, like a placid lake.

Couples Counseling

I’ll be honest—sometimes I don’t keep listening to all the bands that appear in this column. There’s just so many of them! But this bedroom project fronted by Virginia de las Pozas is the perfect balance of slight, gooey love and digital plasticity, so I think we’re in for the long haul.


Nick from Reno, NV, just wants to make music that will make you dance in a stilted, jerky way while he stands in the shadows. He’s also a member of Surf Curse.

Mark Aubert

You might know who Mark Aubert is, particularly if you like intimate synthetic stories and songs that make you move your body around all dance-like. What you might not know is that the U.K. label Acorn Tapes just dropped a 30-track cassette of forgotten tracks and unfinished rarities. Yeeeaaah.