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In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Here’s the rule of Bandcamp: Don’t look for hip-hop on Bandcamp. It’s really all bad. So we’re sticking with lo-fi bedroom recordings from kids with guitars. Luckily, there’s a seemingly infinite supply of that, so there’s no shortage of good stuff to focus on. This time around, we’ve got droopy-eyed folk, suspiciously happy syrup-pop and a chillwave rebirth. Aaahhh!

Clara Clara

Static-crushed, reverb-slaughtered, sometimes-happy synth noise from a Parisian three-piece.


Wakes (formerly Polaroids) is the project of Somerville, MA’s Tim Oxton, whose voice already sounds like it’s being filtered through an antique walnut radio in 1950s suburbia.


Dear (named after a childhood drawing of a misspelled deer) is the bedroom project of a girl from Louisiana. Her first EP, Dear, was just released about a week ago, so get in on the ground floor, ’cause this kind of sounds like the Antlers back when they were writing sad concept albums.

Dream Suicides

Dream Suicides is the chilly and wavy bedroom project of Daniel Romero. Nearly every album on his Bandcamp features Winona Ryder on its cover, so now you know his weakness.

Sunshine Faces

There’s something vaguely Rocky Horror Picture Show about Sunshine Faces’ pitched-up, wide-eyed stalker pop vibes. Noah Rawlings of Chapel Hill, NC is behind this.