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In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Because this Friday is the 4th of July, I was originally going to do some kind of patriotism fueled, American-style beer and hot dog theme or whatever, but I decided against that. Because not only does American-themed Bandcamp music sound really awful, but also because it would’ve left out two bands on this list—from Canada and Australia—and I’m not trying to get all isolationist here.

Chipper Bones

Chipper Bones is the project of a guy from South Carolina whose soft-spoken instrumentals are no match for his painfully raw vocals.

Your Girlfriend

With pastel pink Bandcamp wallpaper and lyrics like, “I just wanna be a hot chick/takin my birth control pills before sex,” Ontario’s Your Girlfriend (whose singer vaguely sounds like Nobunny’s Justin Champlin) find a way to turn their lo-fi pout-rock into a glitter-bombed sleepover soundtrack where period talk is mandatory.

Young Pros

Young Pros may be a one-track band, seeing as the Aussies recorded this one “in Tom’s bedroom” when they were “poor and bored.” But at least it’s a pretty nice track, good enough to throw on an early morning, crusty-eyed playlist.


Lil’ vibes of New York-based, cigarette-drenched sway pop with a girly phone call interlude.

The Riprats

This Denver-based garage gunk band will play for “booze, cigarettes, food (preferably bacon)” and have a song called Fire Walk With Me, so at least they’ve got some solid interests.