Big Bill – Photo via via

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

We got dogs, we got some teevee, we got guys named Bill, we got humans with fox heads, we got candied apple beats, we got hairsprayed synth chaos. It’s like a goddamn parking lot pre-game in here.

TV Nicks

TV Nicks’ new album, Lost Dog, is only about four days old, and I’ve already floated my way through its 26 tracks of tender, shrunken beats and xylophone flickers multiple times. Also he’s really amazing at Twitter.

Caroline Says

Caroline Says is the project of Caroline Sallee from Alabama, who makes incredibly sweet, quick-sand-intimate folk ballads with quietly cheeky titles.

Highway Superstar

I was originally drawn to this because the cover art looks like one of those Palm Springs racing games you find in arcades. And I kept listening because it’s really, really weird. Highway Superstar is the project of Israel’s Alex Karlinsky, and its so saturated with kitschy ’80s synths and hairspray, it’s hard to glean where the self-awareness starts and where the insanity begins.

Big Bill

Not just one guy named Bill, but a four-piece from Austin, TX, who specialize in limber, drawling, garage-stomp snarl.


Milezo, like Big Bill, is also a band from the ATX, but their southern drawl has been replaced by fairly adorable, idealistically spacey vox. They just signed to the baby label Raw Paw Records this month.