Neighborhood Brats – Photo via Facebook

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Another Friday, another week gone. Something about this week lent itself to many Bandcamp discoveries, and it was difficult to narrow down the list to a top 5, but I think these should do it. Whether you’re into chlorinated drone-pop or you prefer to schmooze with the cobwebs in your basement, you could do worse than to have these under-the-radar jams running through your skull.


It might not be the best idea to name your band after a state, because there are at least three other bands called “Arizona” out there right now. But this Arizona is from Brooklyn. It’s the project of Sandy Salad and Stiff Rhythms, who could be that guy sitting next to you on the subway right now. What they lack in quantity of music, they make up for in disaffected electro-shake-ups.

Neighborhood Brats

We noticed that the frontwoman of this band is wearing a Night Birds t-shirt in that album art above. It’s like that time Kurt Cobain wore a Daniel Johnston t-shirt, except this time, both bands have that greasy California skate park sound going on.

Kirby Kaiser

Phil Spector is totally terrifying, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t know how to craft a goddamn good pop song. Phil Spector has nothing to do with Kirby Kaiser, but her sound is a little bit doo-wop-dreams-meets-country-bar-fight, and I think Spector could get behind that.


Bedroom label Crystal Magic Records (CMR) put this album out, and it sounds like the closing music to a PBS show got lost inside one of those weird animated screensavers from the ’90s. I forgot about the infectious appeal of “the robot” dance until this moment.

In A Lonely Place

In A Lonely Place is three dudes from Russia who make paranoia-soaked post-punk that sounds like it was recorded in an abandoned industrial factory somewhere. In other words, in a lonely place. Here’s to usefully descriptive band names.