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In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

No matter how many great vaporwave projects there are to discover in the seemingly infinite Bandcamp realm, sometimes all you want is some good ol’ guitar noodling. Some good ol’ guitar noodling soaking in unintelligible twangs and premade frozen margaritas. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve got here today, so you can travel the spectrum from rough Miami sludge to dark garage-pop straight out of a Humphrey Bogart movie.

Grand Mariner

This washed out surf project comes from a basement in Howell, NJ. The trio filters suburban ennui through translucent reverb and jangled guitar scuzz.

Monster Rally

Monster Rally is project of Columbus, OH’s Ted Feighan who makes aesthetically unpolluted tiki bar beats with a shiny romantic bent.

El Monstrino

El Monstrino is a trio from Russia who play film noir, femme fatale-styled garage-wop. They may be trying to soundtrack a Tarantino movie.


Chicago duo Slushy’s new album, Pastime Gardens, dropped yesterday. The map says Chi-town, but the tunes could be straight out of Nobunny’s Bay Area or Turbo Fruits’ Nashville.


Miami: not just for the Jacuzzi Boys anymore.