Christina Antipa – Photo via

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

Let’s be real: there’s no theme here. This issue of Letters From Bandcamp, is, if anything, actively working against themes and sonic cohesion. From the time you start listening until the time you stop listening, these five bands will have your head spinning with flickers of isolated simmer-pop, cinematic jazz, awesomely oddball Internet Explorer-inspired tunes, freak R&B and freak folk. But you’ll get through it—you have a whole weekend to recover.

Cool World

Cool World is a collaboration between Benedek and Rare Times on the dance label Feel So Real. Synthetic horns, skidding car wheels, celebratory noisemakers, and vocals made for swaying in the moonlight.

Magic Fades + Soul Ipsum

Magic Fades and Soul Ipsum join forces to present a musical diorama of magical island life plagued by some harsh dystopian industry.

Christina Antipa

Christina Antipa is from California, and her Laura Stevenson-warmed-by-many-sunny-days sound is proof positive that the west coast is the better of the two coasts when it comes to fighting off loneliness.

Daniel Bromfield

Elevator music mixed with Ariel Pink mixed with jazz in your dreams mixed with Jeffery Lewis with a cold.

Morgan Orion

Morgan Orion is a guy from Urbana, Illinois with a guitar and a slightly shaky voice. But his almost-happy, just-about-happy, a-little-bit-happy stylings work. According to his website, he’s touring down the east coast right now.