crooked tooth

Crooked Tooth – Photo via

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

The theme of this week’s Letters From Bandcamp is “nothing sad.” The sun is finally out on the east coast, and I don’t want to harsh your vibe with some lo-fi bedroom tears. Not that there’s anything wrong with lo-fi bedroom tears. But this Friday calls for synths that drip with high fructose corn syrup and vocals that sound like Disney characters skipping rope.

Crooked Tooth

Kate and Erika from L.A. describe themselves as “2 cool creeps playin’ music,” and that music is early ’60s-nodding, glitter-bombed pop with a side of one of those giant swirly lollipops.


Yorufuwa*Surumeika is a Tokyo-based band whose twee tendencies sound like they’re being attacked by aliens in an industrial warehouse. According to their Bandcamp, they’re currently looking for a new member, if you’re interested.

Ritual Union

Jacksonville, FL’s Alex E. (also of Wild Life Society) and Lindsey Shante clang and klank their way through some really smooth beat work and layered, expansive vocals.


This groovy Indiana duo floats by your bedroom window on a dream-pop cloud washed out with a whole lotta reverb.

Little Spoon

Previous Letters From Bandcamp find, Vacation Dad, runs the cassette label MJMJ. The label’s first release of the year came out this week, and it’s Little Spoon’s third full-length, Girlfriend Forever. Though he’s got the squisy synth mayhem down pat, he doesn’t have a clue what to do with his hair.