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I know, I know. This is the 13th issue of Letters From Bandcamp and today is Friday, so by the mere act of reading this you’re entering into some alt-dimension Friday The 13th, and you’re doing it willingly. I’m pretty sure it’s worth it though, because today’s 5-band lineup features sweetly mystical bedroom pop, sunny Nashville garage tunes and intimate anti-folk. What’re you waiting for? Dive in and get lucky.

Mold Boy

Mold Boy is Montreal’s Alex Calder. His sweet bedroom tunes have just enough reverb to make you feel like you’re under the covers with him.

Best Friend is a Nashville-based foursome who describe their sound as “dream punk,” which sounds more accurate than any description I could make up. Their new LP, Division, just dropped last month, so if you’re in the Tennessee region, maybe you can catch ‘em live.

Charlie Grey

Tape Club is (I think) a pseudo-structured collective of people who make lo-fi tunes around a campfire. I dunno if it’s a metaphorical campfire or if their house is a fire hazard. Charlie Grey is one of those people. Charlie Grey has a sad voice.

Hologram Girl

William Karmis of Chicago sounds like the Beach Boys drowning. It’s really nice.

Cyberbully Mom Club

Cyberbully Mom Club is a club I’d like to join, because it sounds like warm light in a cold room, and because Cyberbully Mom Club is looking to date a girl with bad posture.