Native America – Photo by Benjamin Garrett Davis

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

It’s been a rough winter, you guys. What with inhumane wind chills, various polar vorti, and March continuing to act like a tough guy, it was starting to seem like sun was a luxury of the past. But no worries. I’ve officially decided that the cold days are over, and from here on out we’re looking at 60-degree days and better. Today’s issue of Letters From Bandcamp reflects that declaration: UV-soaked psych-rock, sunburnt instrumentals and hyper-aware, top-down-in-your-Cadillac hip-hop. You’re welcome.

Koala Temple

A Koala Temple is a sacred place. It’s a place where you can go to hear celestial ocean feedback alongside your fuzzy childhood dreams. It’s a place where a group of Salt Lake City kids transforms into sonic landscape sculptors for joyful moments.

Mint Lab Astronauts

Mint Lab Astronauts, or M.L.A., is a pair of beatmakers most likely from outerspace currently holing up in Chicago. Sharp instrumentals meet up with the sound of a bong bubbling, a spaceship landing and some lounge-style vocals just to tell you a joke.


Bikeula is a mysterious trio signed to eclectic Baltimore label Holy Page Records. They make noise—maybe with instruments and maybe with spoons and toys—but either way, it’s a nice Slurpee of clanging, clunking experimentation.

Native America

This right here is some nice geetar-pop from New Orleans, because I’m telling you, winter is over.

Appomattox Trap House

Loquacious Chicago rap group mix the dark pages of the OED with heavy, minimal beats. One of my fave Chi-town kids, the GTW, produced that first one. Is that nepotism?