Morgan Neiman, aka Ducky, is a girl with a plan. Sporting fresh beats and a strong, lithe voice, the young, self-managed artist is poised to make tidal waves in the music scene here and abroad. And at the rate she’s going, it looks like we should start clearing the beaches.

Ducky began writing music when she was just 13. Taking advantage of a year-long assignment at her “hippy-dippy liberal school” that had other students designing hovercrafts and learning fixie tricks, Ducky got her hands on Logic and a microphone and became a songwriter. She also spent nights during high school spinning house music at Bay Area hotspots like the Supper Club, contributing to the oiled-up dance feel of many of her recent tracks.

However, there’s something gutsier about Ducky’s songs than most dance tunes. She likes to keep the bass at woofer-rattling level, a tendency that led to the untimely demise of one Lower East Side bar’s sound system. The bass speaks to her fondness for hip-hop, having grown up with the “hyphy” scene in SF. When asked about her affection for the genre she says, “I love fucking rap.”

That enthusiasm really carries through when she drops a boisterous banger live and led to opening slots for Fool’s Gold artists Party Supplies and Danny Brown. That said, if you ask her what “genre” she belongs to, she’s quick to respond, “I don’t fucking know. I sound like me.”

Performing live for about a year and a half now, Ducky has a couple of singles and an EP, Boys Club, under her belt. She admits she’s “a sucker for attention-to-detail.” Her productions ripple with a well-honed combination of charged synths and snappy samples. That scrupulousness translates over to her voice as well: It’s powerful and singular, with care put into the timbre of every syllable. You won’t notice her meticulousness when she’s on stage though, as her confidence and energy make it all look easy.

Ducky is a voracious songwriter, lining up her releases far in advance. She also hopes to sate her creative hunger by producing independently for other artists. Her output is varied and versatile: While the singles possess dark synth-pop immediacy, the Boys Club EP is an assault of dirty instrumental hip-hop, a tongue-in-cheek challenge to what she calls, without naming names, the “hyper-male beat scene.”

You can listen to all Ducky’s material for free on her Bandcamp, with her latest EP, The Whether, dropping today. In addition to releasing free music, she’s also anticipating her graduation from the Clive Davis School Of Recorded Music in May. As for the future, she hopes to split her time between NYC and another capital of innovative dance music, Berlin. From the looks of it, she’s got all of her ducks in a row.