If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to journey through the subconscious of an “organized-chaotic-random-spontaneous ball of goodness and sexy” musician, then Bosco’s upcoming EP, Pacer, welcomes you inside for a look. Savannah, GA’s Brittany Bosco is confident in the benefits that her musical identity can bring to the many styles of music and art with which she is involved. She is a genre-blending soulful vocalist with a rich background in jazz, funk and blues, driven by devotion to creativity and art.

“Music has always been No. 1 for me for as long as I can remember, which led me into the art world,” she says. “It all started in Savannah, where I was exposed to so many different demographics and music scenes. Growing up there I saw how the city changed and how I began to change with the city.” Bosco studied at the Savannah College Of Art And Design, a path that had an impact on her musical career. “Being there, I met the people who helped develop my passion for art and design as a whole, sonically and visually,” she says.

Bosco, together with Mr. Collins and the Jack Of Hearts, is a flagship member of the Big Up!, an interdisciplinary creative collective specializing in music and design. This project provides her with the benefits of working with close friends who have their own creative viewpoint, which in turn speaks to her development as an artist: “I value my friends’ opinion very highly, and I do the same for them. We strive in branding and design and want the visuals to be just as strong as the music itself.”

Bosco’s newest endeavor, working alongside Washed Out’s live-band member Dog Bite, is a conceptual nine-track album that tells the journey of a roadtrip from Atlanta to California in the 1970s. “I met Phil (Dog Bite) at an art show at Mint Gallery in Atlanta randomly while he was interning. I knew from there we needed to work together, so I sent him music the next day, and he responded saying, ‘I dig your tunes, let’s work soon.’” The two artists worked tirelessly on Pacer, defining its message and tone with their individual appeal to the concept. “There were a lot of all-nighters, wine, PBR, Pall Mall cigs, friends who wouldn’t go home, a roommate that probably hated me, four pounds of Haribo gummy bears and ridiculous word games.”

Pacer by bbosco18

The result of their work is a journey through “all the things we experience from sex, lust, drugs, money, desire and love,” Bosco says. “I’ve always been a little obsessed with the illusion of cocaine, so there are a lot of references in the EP. I wrote from two perspectives, life as if I was on coke and life of a friend of an addict.” The album speaks from the voice of a nomad, “a life of not belonging to one thing.” The concept, so deeply rooted in the artist’s subconscious, was enhanced in the production stage with added textures, ambient and distorted sounds, and of course, Bosco’s stunning vocals. She even tries her hand in production, producing “Baby” on Pacer. But to try to typecast Bosco in just a single definition proves to be useless, as she is a jack-of-all-trades. “Songwriter? I wouldn’t necessarily say that,” she says. “I’m more of an emotion writer. Most of my songs come in a melody first and some stupid words to feel in the moment. I write the lyrics and use the take-out-and-put-in method by making the song make sense to me and run with that.”

Nothing can hold Bosco back from succeeding in her many artistic endeavors these days, even her own personal demons: “My fear of failing and not succeeding drives me, motivates me to push beyond that. Failure is not an option, so fear keeps me humble and realistic. When I feel that fear is trying to consume me, I write my best songs. When I completely let go, I go.”

Download Pacer here.