In its 2006 debut self-titled EP, 2009 CMJ alumn Surf City of New Zealand garnered a reputation for its ’90s-sounding noise-pop similar to bands like Pavement and the Jesus And Mary Chain (whose song “Kill Surf City” gave the band its original name). Since then, the band has complemented that sound with a more spacy, hypnotic feel on its 2010 full-length album, Kudos. Surf City recently stopped by Roundhead Studios for 95bFM’s In Session to perform the title track from that album, overflowing with swirling guitars, Davin Stoddard’s choppy singing and swooping, melodic backing vocals.

Download the session track and watch the video of the performance below.

Based at the University Of Auckland, New Zealand, 95bFM established In Session in 2011. The series of music documentaries recorded live at Roundhead Studios continues to showcase various emerging New Zealand artists in weekly episodes broadcast locally on Saturdays. If your station is interested in a CMJ On Air feature, please email