Princess Chelsea, 95bFM In Session, 95bFM, In Session Princess Chelsea

Photo by Jonathan Bree

In her debut album, Lil Golden Book, Chelsea Nikkel, better known as Princess Chelsea, creates a musical fairytale about growing up in her native New Zealand. The CMJ 2011 performer, and former member of Teen Wolf and the Brunettes, stopped by Roundhead Studios for 95bFM’s In Session with the rest of her band to perform the song “Frack,” a synth-full track that features the twinkling sounds of the triangle, xylophone and glockenspiel.

Download the session track and watch the video of the performance below.

Princess Chelsea – Frack (Roundhead Session) by CMJ Network

Based at the University Of Auckland, New Zealand, 95bFM established In Session in 2011. The series of music documentaries recorded live at Roundhead Studios continues to showcase various emerging New Zealand artists in weekly episodes broadcast locally on Saturdays. If your station is interested in a CMJ On Air feature, please email